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WuXia World App: Discover Chinese novels and Experience your favorite stories,We now have thousands of novels,on various fantasy, Urban romance, WuXia(wuxia fiction, Kung fu novels,Martial arts novels), XianXia, Youth-campus, military,Xuanhuan,Romance,Sci-fi,Games,officialdom and so on.Magnum opus of WuXia novels:GuLong Full series, Jin Yong’s kung-fu novels and so on.We focus on the translation of Chinese WuXia, XianXia, XuanHuan…

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Android App Box Novel – Fiction & Story Books is available on APK4K Application Store ❤️. Box Novel – Fiction & Story Books – is an app that has 10,000+ Installs with average rating 3.2. To install Box Novel – Fiction & Story Books (1.2.296), you should have Minimum 11M space and 4.4 Android Version….

When you download a WebNovel where does it go?

Once you download a novel or a chapter, you can read it whenever you want without internet connection. If you have locked chapters, the novel downloads up to your last opened chapter (excluding the locked chapters). If you unlock new chapters, you’ll have to download the chapters separately.

How do I Download Novels From Boxnovel

In your library, tap and hold the book you want to download. You’ll get two options at the bottom, ‘remove’ and ‘download’. Click the download button and the app should save the novel for offline use.I think it just saves the novel in the apps cache, it doesn’t download a text file or pdf, etc….

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Get Free Exclusive light Novels on BoxNovelYou might find these Novels from BoxNovel Online interesting to Read……<a href=”https://boxnovel.online/novel/everyone-else-is-a-returnee/”>Everyone is a returnee</a><a href=”https://boxnovel.online/novel/i-shall-seal-the-heavens/”>I shall seal the heavens</a><a href=”https://boxnovel.online/novel/trash-of-the-counts-family/”> Trash of the counts family</a><a href=”https://boxnovel.online/novel/the-second-coming-of-gluttony/”>The second Coming of gluttony</a><a href=”https://boxnovel.online/novel/ancient-strengthening-technique//”>Ancient strengthening technique</a><a href=”https://boxnovel.online/novel/overgeared/”>Overgeared</a><a href=”https://boxnovel.online/novel/sage-monarch/”>Sage Monarch</a><a href=”https://boxnovel.online/novel/martial-god-asura/”>Martial god asura</a><a href=”https://boxnovel.online/novel/the-mightiest-leveling-system/”>The mightiest leveling system</a><a href=”https://boxnovel.online/novel/monster-integration/”>Monster integration</a><a href=”https://boxnovel.online/novel/i-alone-level-up/”>I alone level…