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WuXia World App: Discover Chinese novels and Experience your favorite stories,We now have thousands of novels,on various fantasy, Urban romance, WuXia(wuxia fiction, Kung fu novels,Martial arts novels), XianXia, Youth-campus, military,Xuanhuan,Romance,Sci-fi,Games,officialdom and so on.Magnum opus of WuXia novels:GuLong Full series, Jin Yong’s kung-fu novels and so on.We focus on the translation of Chinese WuXia, XianXia, XuanHuan and other hot-blooded novels.Why Wuxia Novel ?* Translation of the best asian books* Cache novels (Offline mode)* Awesome reading experience.* Select any chapter of any book* New books & Advanced search* Offline mode* Night mode, All of these are in one app,The Wuxiaworld .Explore the new wuxia world anytime, anywhere.